Should I Try the Keto Diet? What You Should Know About the Ketonegic Diet

Introduction You have seen and heard about the keto diet. You see ads on social media. You see celebrities raving about it. You heard about keto from your friend who is on it. The ketogenic diet seems like it’s the hot diet topic of the decade. You start to think: “hmmm, should I try kept as well?” Before you go on the ketogenic diet, make

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Eat Light-Be Light: How to Get More Energy!

"Eat Light, Be Light"- Anthony DiMarino “I really regret eating healthy today… said no one ever!” -Unknown “It is an act of loving ourselves to be aware of what we put in our mouths and how we feel” -Louise Hay E​ver go through a day when you just feel no energy at all? Ever feel like nothing comes easy or your body

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Dear Smoothie

Dear Smoothie, What can I say?  You are probably the perfect on the go snack choice.  You’re usually healthy, quick to make, great tasting, and totally refreshing.  The best part abut you?  You can come in so many shapes and forms.  You can be red, orange, green, and even blue!  Your flavor combinations can be

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Kitchen= A Cooking Lab

“The kitchen's a laboratory, and everything that happens there has to do with science. It's biology, chemistry, physics. Yes, there's history. Yes, there's artistry. Yes, to all of that. But what happened there, what actually happens to the food is all science.” Food critic-Alton Brown No-one is born a great cook, one learns by doing”

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Happy Easter

This year, Easter Sunday is on Sunday, April 20 2014.  For most, this means Easter Baskets full of chocolate eggs, jelly beans, large chocolate Easter bunnies, and much more!  We also usually have a large Easter dinner meal.  Depending on your tradition, that could mean sliced ham, casseroles, hard boiled eggs, or, if you’re like

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Be Wary of Fad Diets

This past month, U.S. News ranked the most popular diets from best to worst.  You can read them here: Fad diets and special diets are popular for their promises for weight loss and a healthier life.  This is pertinent especially in January when everyone has made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight.  However,

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Eat Less Salt

This post is the 4th in a series of 10 called “10 Simple Steps to Make Good Habits More Delicious” courtesy of the Sport, Cardiovascular, and Wellness nutrition group. Too much sodium in our diets has been linked with high blood pressure, a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.  The dietary guidelines

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Size Your Serving Sizes Right

This post will be the first in the series of 10 from SCAN (Sport, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition). While the quality of food we eat is important, so the the quantity, or amount, we eat.  With food, you can definitely eat too much of a food at expense of others.  This is where portion control

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10 Simple Steps To Make Good Habits More Delicious

Recently, I ordered a promotional handout from one of my Dietetic Practice Groups SCAN (Sport, Cardiovascular, & Wellness, Nutrition).  This pamphlet has a lot of great information and recipes with 10 realistic and sustainable changes you can make to drop weight, improve performance, or just be healthier.  For the next 10 posts, I will outline these steps

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The Party Problem

Have you been at a party and eaten too much?  We've all been there.  I just did it yesterday at my aunt's 50th birthday party.  It's so easy to do.  We are all out of our normal eating routine.  There are so many dishes that are equally delicious.  You're around people who encourage you to

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