What Having “Vision” Means to Me

Helen Keller was wise beyond her time.  This quote speaks volumes.  I am a big believer in mindset and perspective.  The way you see the world and your place in it vastly impacts your life experience.  We all can visually see, of course.  But, having vision is a whole other story.  Having a clear and concise vision means that you not only see a situation how it truly is, but also how it could be.

In life, a specific event can occur and every single person may have a different response to that occurrence. Most people do not realize they have the ability to control their response and perspective. Depending on your position and outlook, that occurrence can have a positive, negative, or neutral influence on your life situation.

 This is where vision comes in.  How we show up will determine our response and ultimately the outcome.  Being mindful of how we interpret events in our lives gives us an advantage in succeeding.  We will have the understanding and wisdom to make the best decisions we can with the information we have in front of us.

How I think and perceive happenings in my life has become largely important to me.  I know that developing a positive and productive vision will only help me respond to what I experience.  I work with my clients to clearly articulate their attitudes and beliefs about their current and future health journey.  Improving the way they think ultimately prepares them to make quality decisions surrounding their health.  In time, they will reap positive rewards for developing a positive vision for their lives.  I hope that more and more individuals learn about developing understanding and perspective, and create a positive vision for their futures.

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