Dear Smoothie,
What can I say?  You are probably the perfect on the go snack choice.  You’re usually healthy, quick to make, great tasting, and totally refreshing.  The best part abut you?  You can come in so many shapes and forms.  You can be red, orange, green, and even blue!  Your flavor combinations can be limitless: tropical, strawberry banana, blueberry, mixed berry, peach pineapple.  It all comes down to my imagination.  Even so, I can make you with so many different ingredients: fresh fruit, greens, yogurt, juice, chia seeds to name a few.
Is there anything you cannot do smoothie?  Seriously, I put ingredients in a blender and mix them up.  That’s all it takes.  I don’t have to break my back cooking or cutting or heating.  You’re so quick and filling!  Thank you for being there for me smoothie.  I will make sure we spend a ton of time together in the future.
Sincerely, Thirsty for a healthy drink
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