“Eat Light, Be Light”- Anthony DiMarino
“I really regret eating healthy today… said no one ever!” -Unknown

“It is an act of loving ourselves to be aware of what we put in our mouths and how we feel” -Louise Hay

E​ver go through a day when you just feel no energy at all? Ever feel like nothing comes easy or your body feels heavy? How about this one: ever feel sleepy after eating a big meal? Well, you are not alone. I am right there with you! I cannot count how many times I have eaten a large meal and instantly wanted to take a nap. I get that groggy feeling almost immediately.  It makes me want to cuddle up on the couch and ignore all my to dos and responsibilities!  I want to discuss why we sometimes feel sluggish and give you strategies to feel more energetic during your day.

I​ believe everyone goes through this experience. We have those days we just feel heavy and lethargic. Like everything wed o is difficult and our body just cannot keep up! Have you ever observed what could be causing this lethargic feeling? I have, and I have a theory. 

I​ have noticed it many times. Mostly, I get this lethargic, heavy feeling during stressful times when I eat anything in sight. Or, I eat until I am stuffed! Here is my theory- eat heavy and you will feel heavy. 

T​hink about it: how do you feel after eating a cheeseburger and fries? How about your Thanksgiving Dinner? Or, what about after snacking on some potato chips? Ready to take a nap I’m sure. You see, high fat foods and large portions make your body work. Your gut has to work hard to digest these heavy and large meals. Blood will have to rush to your gut to process all that heavy food.

I​nstead, consider eating light to feel light. I have experienced this again and again. On days Ieat small, frequent portions and whole foods, I feel energetic and unstoppable. My thinking is more clear and I feel less stressed. Do you know why? First, our body thrives on nutritious foods and needs them to functionat its highest potential. Also, your body does not have work as hard to process the good for you foods. Consider these tips if you are feeling sluggish and down during your day:

-​Switch out sugary beverages for water

-​Double up on your fresh veggies

-​Eat half as much as you normally do

-​Choose a low fat, high protein snack

-​Limit butter and heavy sauces in your cooking

-​Eat a piece if fruit instead of candy

E​ating more wholesome, fresh foods will fuel your body for the entire day. Your energy levels will increase and you will feel less bogged down. Try it to see how differently you feel! As Always, Eat, Move, and Improve!

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