“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. “-Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lao Tzu

Life is weird, isn’t it? We enter into this large and confusing world as young children. From early on, our parents and superiors expect us to do grand acts and accumulate great achievements. As we grow older, most of us want that for ourselves as well. We want to dream, build, create, and do wonderful acts and leave a mark on the world.

P​ersonally, I want to build a nutrition and wellness business. I want to assist clients in changing their exercise and nutrition behaviors resulting greater life satisfaction. I want to reduce their risk for disease, increase their optimism, and help them make positive changes. I want my efforts to have a direct impact on the people I serve.

I have grand ideas and dreams to make this dream a living reality. I want to take on public speaking engagements. I want to write and distribute my own book. I want to provide valuable merchandise to loyal customers.

S​ound like a lot? You bet it is!. But, don’t most dreams and aspirations seem out of reach? Isn’t this why we want them so badly and think about them all the time? I know my success will not occur overnight. And, I know it will not occur without planning, preparation, patience, and execution.

Y​ou may be asking, how can one reach an unreachable goal? To put it simply, go one step at a time! In order to get where we need to go, we need to take one step after another until we get there. Here is a great way to think about it:

1) Fully describe your goal or aspiration. What is it you want to accomplish?

2​ )Identify where you are currently.

3 )Start backwards from the end goal. What steps need to happen to get to the end?

4) List steps and activities that will get you closer to that goal.

5) Begin where you are. Take one step that is realistic and feasible for you.

6) Once you finish that step, continue onto the next one.

7) Continue taking steps toward that goal until you get there!

O​bviously, this is just a simplified model of goal setting. There will be other factors to consider: time, materials, obstacles, expectations, etc. But, starting SMALL is the key. Start taking small steps to grow your confidence and motivation. You will begin to see progress and that will keep you on the right track. As Always, Eat, Move, and Improve!


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