“Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.”-Vince Lombardi

‘To me, football is so much about mental toughness, it’s digging deep, it’s doing whatever you need to do to help a team win and that comes in a lot of shapes and forms.’ -Tom Brady
“Charge with rhinos, fly with eagles, run with cheetahs, and eat with lions. Don’t hang around with cows or sheep.” -Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander
Football season is in full swing right now. We are currently half-way through the football regular season. There have been many exciting and disappointing moments for teams and fans alike. Football never disappoints to keeps Autumn an interesting time. I recently reflected how the lessons of football can apply to our lives. My memories took me back to high school. During that time, I learned so many lessons on how to live from playing football. During this time of reflection, I realized I can apply these lessons to lifestyle change as well. See below for a few examples how we can use football as an example for lasting lifestyle change:

Be Mentally Tough: Tom Brady hit the nail on the head with his words. Life, like football, is a difficult journey. We take hits constantly and hard work is required. Disappointment looms over us when we “fail” or lose. The most successful people develop a skill called GRIT. This term is defined as “an individual’s perseverance of effort combinedwith the passion for a particular long-term goal or end state”-Angela Duckworth. Progress towards success in any endeavorrequires some amount of grit. You can develop this trait by identifying your passions and motivations that drive you towards your goals. Lean on those factors when times become difficult. You will soon overcome any challenge.

Practice Early: Did you know that NFL players have the option to report to their teams in April? That’s 4 months before the preseason! That does not put into account any preparation a player takes between April and the end of the former season. Playing football takes a TON of practice. Players spend hours and hours working out, watching tape, and practicing on the field. Their days go from sun up to sun down most days during training camp. Their lives revolve around practice until the season even begins. Look to apply this principle to your own life. Prepare yourself for your goals before you begin acting on them. Read, perform research, speak with friends and family, and compare opportunities. Do your due diligence before you begin any endeavor so that you are well-prepared to take on a new goal.

Learn From your Losses: Sports offer a unique dynamic. Wins and losses come and go. Seasons are very long. Seldom does one game (minus the playoffs) dictate an entire season. How teams, players, and coaches respond to losses typically determine the outcomes for future games. When a loss occurs, the people involved have a choice. They can either hang their heads and get discouraged. Or, they can reflect on the loss. They can ask questions: What went wrong? Where did we miss the mark? What can we do differently? Champions use losses to learn and get better constantly. This goes for setbacks in our own journeys as well. Use these challenges and setbacks to get smarter. Reflect on how the loss occurred. Look for ways you can do better next time.

Surround Yourself with the Best: Football is a team sport. 11 players play on the field at any one time. The NFL allows teams to have a 53 man roster plus 10 practice squad members. Coaches and support staff make up the team as well. Obviously, teams want the most talented and best team members in their respective roles. No one player can win a game of football. Everyone plays their part to make the team better. During your journey, surround yourself with the best people you probably can. Your team can include personal trainers, dietitians, healthcare professionals, therapists, friends, and family.Choose people who always push you to do your best and you will find it possible to be your best self.

Always Move Forward: Football is a game of advancement. You get rewarded for moving the ball forward past the line of scrimmage. Teams can attempt to move the ball in a variety of ways. But, all plays can be divided into two categories: horizontal and vertical plays. Sometimes, teams attempt to move the ball forward by first maneuvering the ball horizontally towards the sideline. Sometimes, these plays get stopped without any progress. Most of the best players move vertically and charge as fast and as hard as they can. They keep their legs moving despite an opposing force until the other team stops them. These skilled players get extra yards after contact and consistently move the ball forward. Therefore, keep your pedal to the metal. Constantly push and drive forwarddaily. Charge despite challenges. You will move further quicker.

Do not Celebrate too Early: We’ve all seen it. A player has a break out play and has a sure scoring opportunity. They are confident they have scored. They are so confident that they show boat before they cross into the end zone. Many players have either gotten tackled or dropped the ball before scoring. Therefore, their magnificent play ends in embarrassment.  Do not be like these players. Do not celebrate before you have achieved your goal. Donot allow some progress derail you from the end goal. Keep working until you achieved your goal. If you celebrate too early, your accomplishment may escape you.

There you have it. Football can teach us how to stay focused and achieve our goals. This sport can be teachus fundamental lessons on how to work hard, stay disciplined, and get up after a set back. Play your life like the pros play football. As Always, Eat, Move, and Improve!
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