A Different Time

Consider a more simple time long ago.  Go back to a time when technology was not even thought up yet.  Go back to a time when social media did not exist.  Way back before we had highways or skyscrapers.  Transportation was limited to only boats or horses.  Leaving the town you lived in was a huge risk.

I am referring to a time of adventure and danger.  Think of all those time of exploration, action, and uncertainty.  Power and wealth was the definition of success.

I hope you have conjured up a time of simplicity and adventure.  Any period up until the modern age would suffice.

Now, imagine that you are a sailor.  You live to sail the uncharted seas in this old world.  You yearn to explore these areas, confront the dangers, and become changed. You own a boat.  During this time period, a boat was typically an individual’s most valuable and prized procession.  You trust this boat will carry you all over.  You will have numerous stories to tell about the adventures you and your boat experience.

A Fun Metaphor

This is where I go a bit off course, but stay with me here.  Consider that this boat stands for your body.  This boat is yours and yours alone.  It will be the only boat you ever sail in.  Your body is the same thing.  You will only ever have one.  It is your most valued and prized possession.  Your body will carry you wherever you go.  You can choose to stay docked in a safe harbor and never leave.  But, every sailor yearns for the sea.  We all yearn for experience and desire to gain experience out there in the unknown.

Now that we have stablished that your body is your ship, consider the state of your boat.  Your health determines the strength and stability your boat possess.  If your body is in poor health, your ship will be in disarray.  It will be unable to sail long distances and weather the storm.  Or, your body can be in tip top shape.  This would mean your ship would be likened to a strong and sturdy transport vessel.  These ships are built for long journeys and can sustain difficult waters.

Now, as you sail your ship into the ocean, you will come face to face will numbers of perils.  The sea is unpredictable at times and a dangerous terrain.  It is also place of beauty and wonder.  Nothing is better than a peaceful sea beaming with life and awe. But, again, you yearn to leave safe harbors and take risks out in open waters. You want to experience all the wonder and jot the sea has to offer.

Once you set sail, your ship may encounter many perils.  These perils could include storms, high winds, whirlpools, sharp rocks, sea monsters, and even pirates.  If you are not careful or vigilant, your ship can take damage from these dangers. The perils you face can be compared to the factors that can threaten your body’s health.  If you are not careful, you can fall prey to these pitfalls.  Each day, we get confronted with factors that can jeopardize our health.  These factors can include excessive food portions, stress/emotional eating, lack of activity, social pressures, and media pressures.  Even fad diets can derail your journey.  These hyped diets appear as mirages promises hope and sanctuary.  However, they normally disappear and leave you stranded.

Okey, let’s take this metaphor a bit further.  As we all know from lore, pirates aren’t people you want to mess with.  They attack out of nowhere, most of the time by surprise. They burn and pillage their victims ships. They strip their victim’s precious ships and peace of mind.  In this story, pirates can be likened to chronic disease. High weight, blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes all steal.  These diseases steal away our health and wellness.  They create anxiety and worry.  They strip us of the best of us.

How To Navigate The Challenging Landscape

What can someone do?  If we all desire to journey and explore.  If we leave safe shores and enter the uncertainty of the sea, how do we navigate the uncertainty of it all?  How do we maximize our opportunity and limit risk?  The answer: preparation and action.  It is critical to take action to prepare before we face the dangers of our lives.  Nutrition and fitness education will prepare you to sail the high seas confidently.  They can be likened to a compass, crew, map, and armor.

Taking precautions will allow you to prepare, adjust, and focus on the best strategies to stay healthy.  Taking care of your ship now will allow you to explore later.  Having a healthy body and mind will allow you to confront the dangers out there in the uncertainty of the sea.

So, what can one do?  It is important to prep your ship as soon as possible.  Take stock of your current situation.  Identify where you are and what you have.  Decide what you want and need. Once you have that list prepare to make changes.  Take actions that will make you sea ready.  Once you have everything in place, set sail! Raise your anchor and explore all if has to offer.  Be mindful of the dangers.  Navigate the uncertainty of life with confidence.  Stay vigilant with your health and wellness decisions.  You will sail the ocean with poise and confidence!  How will you navigate this life??





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