A New Quarantine Way of Life

We are no doubt going through an unprecedented time right now. Probably none of us have ever lived through a pandemic.  Covid-19 has not only influenced our day to day lives, but also the economy and job market.  Many business have been forced to halt operations and lay off their workforce.  We are all stuck at home for the most part.  Our social and work lives have evolved into video chats, phone calls, and emails.  It feels like the movie Groundhog Day.

Because of this disruption, it is not difficult to come face to face with the negativity that is coming out of this ordeal.  Turn on the news or scroll through Facebook and you will know what I am speaking of.  Even being stuck at home can cause some negative thinking to creep in. Couple the negativity from the outside with the anxiety we experience from job changes and financial struggle, we can head in a dark direction.  We can quite easily spiraling negative thinking and habits and possibly become depressed.

Therefore, it is CRITICAL that we all cultivate a positive mindset during this time. Many of these factors are out of our control.  We cannot affect the national and local regulations the government is placing on us.  We cannot control what is happening in other states with this virus. But, we can control how we show up each day at home.  We need to focus on thinking and behaviors that foster well-being for everyone involved.

Adopt a New Mindset

That is why I put up my Christmas tree.  I pulled my tree and some other decorations out from the basement and decorated my home as if it were December.  you probably think I am crazy.  This may seem wrong, but oh it feels so right!


Hear me out.  We desperately need to practice the Christmas Spirit right now.  With all that is going on, we need to foster an attitude of joy, gratitude, and giving.  Doing this will not only lift our mood, but cause us to help our neighbors. We will be more willing to give and make other’s lives better.  Imagine how you feel at Christmas time.  We experience a sense of excited apprehension.  We feel more joyful and grateful.  During the Christmas season, the good outweighs the bad.  There would be no other way I could tolerate the cold winter weather!  When we are in the Christmas spirit, we are more willing to give and help on another.  We practice gratitude not only to ur loved ones, but strangers as well.

Think and Behave Differently

Will you join me in spreading the Christmas spirit?  Are you willing risk looking a bit silly to spread good tidings and joy?  If so, I suggest some actions you can take:

  • Decorate a portion of your home as you would for Christmas.  If you have kids, they would love doing that.
  • Hang your Christmas lights and turn them on at night
  • Listen to Christmas music.  I am currently listening to my favorite Christmas Pandora station 🙂
  • Send your loved ones cards with warm greetings and wishes
  • Buy someone a gift
  • Complete a Christmas themed activity.

Can you think of other ways to implement a bit of Christmas Spirit? Share with me how you are spreading goodness to others.I cannot wait to hear how you are staying positive through this difficult time!


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