Dear Chicken,
Where do I start?  There are so many things I can say to you.  All of it has been said by someone at one point or another.  I want to keep this short and sweet, so I want to thank you today.  I want to thank you because you do so much for me.  You give my life strength, fullness, and variety. First of al, you are so high in protein.  Most people see you as the gold standard for quality protein.  You give my muscles strength to do their daily activities.  Along with strength, your protein provides me with fullness.  After eating you, I feel full and satisfied.  Through you, I feel full and satisfied each and every day.
I think most of all, I want to thank you for the variety you provide chicken.  You do it in so many ways.  All of your many forms provide different tastes and possibilities: eggs, breast, thighs, eggs, ground, wings, white meat, and dark meat.  Again the way we can prepare you is endless: scrambled, grilled, baked, curried, fried, and so many others.  But you do not stop there, do you chicken?  Oh no.  You still go one more level.  You take taste from so many ingredients and sauces.  We all enjoy you spicy, cheesy, garlicky, seasoned, savory, and countless others.
In conclusion, I thank you chicken for providing us with rock solid quality nutrition and listless possibilities.  you are a true chameleon and please everyone around the world.  You have always been a team player and never much as complain.  Keep doing that and people will be tahnkful for you a thousand times over.
Sincerely, a grateful meat eater
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