“Embrace the Suck” -Military saying
“There is no way around it, the hard work.  Embrace it.” -Roger Federer
“Storms make trees take deeper roots” -Dolly Parton

Today, I had to do my laundry.  I HATE doing laundry.  It’s tedious and no fun. It takes forever and I never get a sense of accomplishment from this chore.  To make it worse, our dryer short circuited today.  I didn’t even have a convenient way to clean my clothes!

Instead, I had to lug all my dirty clothes to the local laundromat.  On top of it costing an arm and a leg to wash clothes, this place is sweltering hot, has no internet, and has no place to sit. I literally have to stand in a 90 degree room while my clothes get cleaned. I could very well have hemmed and hawed the whole time going through this.  Any reasonable person would.  I had to sacrifice my entire night going to a strange and uncomfortable place to do a chore I hate.

But, I decided to embrace the suck instead.  I took on the chore without any kind of anger or resentment. I went right onto work in sorting my clothes and filling up the machines.  I spend the extra time finishing a book and writing a bit.  So, after this ordeal, I say to you:  embrace the suck.  Whatever uncomfortable situation you find yourself in, decide to go about it joyfully and with a new perspective.  The situation will appear better than you thought!  As Always, Eat, Move, and Improve!
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