Defining the Current Situation

I can think of multiple ways to describe our current situation as a nation and the world as a whole.  This time can be described as a time of crisis, uncertainty, overreaction, under reaction, pandemic, panic just to name a few.  Any and all of these can be accurate depending on your perspective and experience.  Without a doubt, the world has been turned on its head due to the prevalence of the coronavirus.  We have all been effected by the virus, either indirectly or directly.  No matter how you consider the current “temperature” of society and this disease, what matters most is how you respond.  We do not have a lot of control with much of the sanctions and bans happening to us.  But, we still have many options on how to stay busy and productive. Let’s see, we can do during the social distancing measures we are taking to limit COVID-19.

What options are limited at this time?

You have seen the news where ever you look: mainstream news channels, google searches, FaceBook, or your local authorities.  You know what has been cancelled and limited to keep everyone safe.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Special events
  • Concerts
  • Sports
  • Live performances
  • Schools
  • Organization activities
  • Large gatherings
  • Mass travel

Unfortunately, this list may get larger as we continue to experience and tread through this pandemic each day.  Naturally, the response has been mixed.  Some people have been angry or upset about the changes occurring.  Some people understand and have come to terms to these temporary cancellations and bans.  But, the question remains- how do we fill the time we all now have available to us?

Focus on What You Can Do

As a dietitian and personal trainer, I always focus on what my clients CAN do.  For example, clients with diabetes may have to forego sweets.  But, I remind them what they can still eat: vegetables, fruits, complex carbs, dairy, lean protein, etc.  Consider a client with a knee injury.  Perhaps the injury limits their ability to run.  However, that same client can still perform resistance training and moderate walks.  We need to focus on what we can do, not what we lose.

Take a look at some activities you can do during our period of social distancing.  This list is definitely not all inclusive.  I am sure you can com up with some of your own.  use your common sense in choosing your activities: limit close contact with others, wash your hands, and sneeze into your sleeve.  Consider these ideas when looking for ways to fit your time:

  • Get outside! Take a walk in your neighborhood or explore a local park.
  • Spend time with animals.  Pets cannot spread the virus.
  • Read a book.  Any book you choose.  Libraries are still operating.
  • Catch up on your movies and/or shows.
  • Get crafty!  You can find loads of creative activities on Pinterest and the internet as a whole.
  • Learn a new skill by taking a virtual class.  Udemyhas a fantastic and affordable selection.
  • Practice your writing.  Journaling or blogging can help ease anxiety or worry.
  • Stay active!  You can take advantage of an assortment of family friendly sporing activities. 
  • Explore the streets of your city or town.  You can learn a ton about a city or town by simply walking around outside.
  • Take on a new hobby.
  • Pick up an instrument.  It can benefit you in ways that may surprise you.
  • Get your finances in order.
  • Update your professional toolkit.  Update your resume, online profile, website, or anything having to do with your career.

It will all be OK

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list.  But, I wanted to show the many options we STILL have.  With some creativity and a shift in focus.  We can stay busy during the black out of all these events.  Remember, take care of yourself and others.  The best way to stop this pandemic is take care of yourself and avoid situations interacting with large groups.  This time is only temporary.  Our normal way of life is not gone.  it is just inconvenienced for the time being.  We will get back to normal in a few months.  How are you spending your time during this pandemic?  Comment below!

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