Dear Treadmill,
I want to be honest with you.  I don’t want to sugarcoat it.  You are not my favorite.  I usually do not look forward to spending time with you.  You don’t change much and don’t offer much variety.  I feel like it’s the same thing every time.  Usually growing and full of effort.  You don’t even take me anywhere.  We just stay in the same place!  It’s crazy to me,
But, there is still hope in you.  You do bring results.  In hindsight, you make me feel better.  You even make me look better!  Treadmill, you’re actually not that bad.  You are the original.  You must be doing something right since you are still around. I am glad that you wait for me.  I am glad about the time we spend together.  I am glad that you support me in my goals.  Thank you and never change!
Sincerely, Hate that I like you
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