“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” -Vince Lombardi
“Practice only makes for improvement.” -Les Brown
     I used to stink at golf.  Like, really stink.  I would go to the driving range or course and get so frustrated because I couldn’t hit the ball well.   I would dub the ball and not enjoy my round. However, I knew golfing was something I enjoyed and wanted to get better at.  At the same time, i knew I had the potential to play well. Therefore, I committed to practicing often.  I took time each week to practice at the driving range and played every round I had a chance to play.  Through this consistent effort, I can honestly say I have vastly improved in my game all around. I may not be a scratch golfer, but I am improving continuously!  And, I’m having more fun every time I go!
     Think of every new skill you have attained through your lifetime.  These skills include learning how to walk, learning a new sport, learning how to read and write, learning how to drive, or learning how to do a job.  If you’re like me, every time you try something new, it is difficult to get used to it and can be frustrated trying to get the hang of it. There is always a period of discomfort, hesitation, and mistakes.   However, when we put consistent effort into trying a new task, we get better at that skill over time.  
     Healthy diet and exercise takes consistent effort and PRACTICE.  Everyone has a degree of skill and motivation to eat right and exercise.  The main reason most people fail at making a change is that they feel they have to be perfect RIGHT AWAYOnce dieters make a mistake, they get discouraged and revert back to their old habits.  The truth is, no one is perfect.  It is very difficult to go from a bad diet to a “perfect” diet overnight.  The same goes for exercise.  If someone hasn’t been exercising for awhile, the first few workouts are difficult.  I have experienced it myself. I moved away from running because I was focusing on lifting weights in the gym.  Once I retuned to my regular runs, I struggled for a bit!   Many people try a new routine or exercise and stop soon after.  They run into obstacles, difficulties and make mistakes.  However, it’s ok to make mistakes!  The main point is to love yourself enough to forgive your failures and commit to do better next time.  Remember, it’s a process, not a quick fix!  As always, eat, move, and improve!
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