“Life is tough, but so are you!”- Kid President
“Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine”. — Lord Byron
     Sometimes, I take life too seriously.  There are times and moments where I have a disappointment or things do not go my way.  In the moment, I let the disappointment get to me.  I consider it a crisis and do not think I can solve the problem or get through it. I let problems stress me out and make me upset.
     However, I learned in time to find the proper  perspective.  Each and every problem can be considered on a spectrum from “minor nuisance” to “major catastrophe”.  It is important to look at a difficulty in the correct lens and act accordingly.  Most difficulties are not earth shattering or life ruining.  Also, I realize that I am not alone in this experience.  Everyone is battling in this difficult journey we call life.  It’s important to remember that most everyone is sharing in the struggle.  Ask yourself, “in the grand scheme of things, does this problem really worth me getting upset over?”
    Through these experiences, I have found that laughter heals all.  There is magic in the human laugh.  It is truly the best medicine.  Do you know why? Laughter brings our minds into the present moment.  Most negative thoughts come from thinking about ANYTHING BUT THE PRESENT.  Most of the time, feelings of regret come from past memories and thoughts.  Feelings of anxiety come from worrying about the future.  Laughter not only keeps us in the present moment, but it allows us to think more clearly to problem solve and communicate much more effectively.
     You may ask, “how can I force myself to laugh?  Something needs to be funny for me to laugh”!  Answer:  anything that works for you!  For example, I keep a running youtube list of short videos that crack me up.  Funny pictures, movies, comics, songs, or even chatting with someone who has a great sense of humor can help.  Ultimately, developing the ability to laugh during difficult times and when facing challenges allow you to handle them much more effectively; including diet, exercise and weight loss.  As always, eat, move and improve!
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