The nutrition facts label.  It’s like another language isn’t it?  So many words, numbers, and terms.  It can make your head spin!  Most of the time, people ignore this important tool.  They buy the food they like without even looking at this label.  They choose foods because of price, taste. or convenience.  Sometimes, they do not even realize what they are putting into their mouths!  Put simply, the nutrition facts label can be a helpful tool in your decision making.  It gives you valuable information on that food product.  You can make more informed and good decisions when reading these labels.  Here are some simple tips to make it easy deciding from a food label:


  • Blindly chose foods without reading their label
  • Think a package is 1 serving
  • Add salt or butter to salty or buttery foods
  • Choose foods high in sugar
  • Eat foods with long ingredient lists


  • Choose foods lower in calories from fat
  • Eat the serving size on the package
  • Choose low salt and fat options
  • Choose foods high in fiber
  • Choose foods with short lists

The nutrition facts label can be a helpful tool when making healthy decisions.  It can be intimidating.  Start slow.  Practice with foods at home.  Decide if the food is helping or hurting you from the information included on the label.  You will catch on quickly.  As Always, Eat, Move, and Improve! 

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