There are no good or bad food.  Did you see that?  Let me say it again.  There are no good or bad foods.
There has been to much emphasis on categorizing foods as either good or bad.  A food cannot be good or bad.  It is only food.  Foods cannot act on their own accord and do good or bad acts.  A pear is a pear.  Ice cream is ice cream.  That’s it.
A colleague of mine, Nancy Clarke, once said “A food is only bad if it’s spoiled, toxic, or makes you get sick”.  I totally agree.  Any food can fit into a healthy and life sustaining diet if it is eaten at the right time and occasion.  The key word for a healthy diet is MODERATION.  Eating foods in the correct amount will help promote well being and longevity.  I like to live by the “always, sometimes, and special rule”.
Always foods: These foods should be eaten each and every day and at all meals.  These include vegetables, fruits (eat a rainbow), whole grains, water, lean meats, and low fat dairy products.
Sometimes foods; These foods may be high in calories, but have some great nutrients.  Aim to have 2-3 of these foods each day.  This list includes seeds, nuts, oils, red meat, fish, fruit juices, and starchy vegetables.
Special foods:  These foods should be consumed on special occasions and limited most of the time.  Go ahead have a slice of BIRTHDAY cake on your BIRTHDAY.  It’s your special day after all.  These foods include sweets, soft drinks, chips, desserts, fried foods, etc.
Overall, try to use your best judgement when choosing your foods.  A healthy diet is one that is in balance, moderation, and varied.  So, try to eat the foods that make you feel healthy, strong, and good!

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