Dear Eggs,
I am writing today to apologize on behalf of all of us. We have shamed you. We have dragged your name through the mud. We didn’t understand. For years, people shamed you by saying you cause heart disease and high cholesterol. You cause built up plaque in our blood vessels. Your golden yolk is so dangerous!
However, we have come to realize that you are awesome! Not only do you not cause heart disease, but you are also a part of a healthy diet!! Your golden yolk may have some choleterol, but it also have many essential vitamins and minerals. Not too mention that you taste fantastic! Also, your egg white brings solid lean protein to my day. You make me strong and start my day off right.
You know the best part about you?? You are so versatile! We can boil, fry, bake, poach, and even scramble you! In conclusion, I am sorry that we put you in the corner. We just didn’t realize the gifts you brought us! I hope that you can forgive and forget.
Sincerely, Sorry from everyone

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