I love self education.  At any single time, I am usually working through a class or activity to develop and deepen my skill set.  Through my education, I have learned we all create stories for ourselves.  For those people who want to thrive and become their best selves, they make themselves the “hero” of their journey.  Through this realization,  I focused on my journey and mission up until now.  I reflected and wrote down what came to mine.  I am surprised to see how eloquent my words came off the page.  I Here is what I wrote:
“I (Anthony DiMarino), have always felt like an outsider.  I felt like I needed to change myself to be part of the “in” crowd.  I failed to realize I was not like my peers.  My thoughts and skills were different than my peers.  I felt like I did not fit in.  At first, I felt resentful and jealous.  Why couldn’t I be like others and fit in?  Why could’t I have their popularity and confidence.  Much to my surprise, I realized I was asking the wrong questions.  I realize I needed to ask a different set of questions.  Who am I?  What do I have to offer?  What makes me unique?  I realized that I am a unique person with special thoughts, talents, strengths, and perspectives.  I have big dreams and goals that I alone can achieve with my unique mix of abilities.  I celebrate this fact.  I have a unique path and way of life.  I will boldly follow this path to the end.”
Some people who are unhealthy feel lost.  They are at their wit’s end.  They have made so many attempts to only fall short of their goals. They ask:  “Why can’t I lose the weight?”  “Why are my blood sugars out of whack?”  “Why do I feel so tired all the time?”  If this sounds like you, read on.  My name is Anthony DiMarino.  I believe that “When you’re down, Eat, Move, and Improve.”  That’s is what life boils down to.  Each day, we must eat well, move our bodies, and improve our thought process.  Remember, you can make your own changes.  It is all up to you.  It always has and always will be that way.  I help people who desire an empowering life around their health.  Will you join me to Eat, Move, and Improve?”
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