Protein is a main staple for a health well rounded meal plan.  Protein offers the building blocks for muscles and healing.  It assists in many different functions in our body.  Also, protein helps your body feel full.  It comes in many shapes and sizes.  But, some protein options are high in fat and contribute to weight gain.  When you are looking to trim down, build muscle, or even maintain your weight, you need to choose proteins low in fat.  Some examples include:

-Chicken breast
-Turkey breast
-grilled or baked fish
-Lean beef
-Greek yogurt
-Lean pork

Typically, the best portion sizes for meats is 3g.  When it comes to other, non meat forms of protein, 1/2 to a cup is a great rule of thumb.  You will start to notice more satisfaction, less bloating, and speedy recovery.  What other protein options do you prefer?  As Always, Eat, Move, and Improve!
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