“If people are conscious of what puts them in flow, they’ll have a clearer idea of what they should devote the time and dedication to master.” -Dan Pink, “Drive”

“Our job is to get out of the way of ourselves and let the art flow through us. We need to stop trying, stop doing, start allowing. We have no clue what we can be when you stop forcing and start being”  -Kyle Cease

“A touch of the jitters sharpens the mind, gets the adrenaline flowing and helps you to focus.” -Richard Branson

I’m sure you have been on a team once in your lifetime.  Or, you have seen movies or videos portraying teams before a big game in the locker room.  What do these teams do as they prepare for their game?  THEY LISTEN TO PUMP UP MUSIC.  Teams consciously play music that gets them psyched up and focused on the game at hand.  They know that if they stay focused, determined, and positive, they have a better chance of winning the game.  This type of focus has been given several names: drive, flow, in the zone, juices flowing, motivated.

Whatever you call it, this feeling of being at your best and focused can be attainable by anyone. It can be defined as being “fully aware in the moment, in utter control that the sense of time, place, and even self melt away.  The feeling of complete autonomy and engagement are attained”. Most people may argue that this state self motivation and focus is hard to come by.  That it is only available to the most elite people.  Self motivation is a natural skill or tribute reserved for the best among us.  That may be partly true. It is obvious that our lives have become so distracted that we find it difficult to become fully engaged in a single task.  However, I would argue that it is available to ANYONE who looks to tap into their own unique motivation.The secret is finding how you can get into the zone!  For me, listening to positive music or reading a motivational quote can help me focus.  Consider these other examples:

-watch a motivational video
-listen to upbeat music
-meditate and try to clear your mind
-do warm up exercises
-focus on breathing deeply for several minutes
-write down anything that comes into your mind down
-repeat positive quotes/ sayings to yourself
-watch a motivational video

Most importantly, find something that can help you focus on the task at hand- whether it be making better food choices, exercising, or staying motivated.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t come at first.  Focus is another skill that needs to be practiced and developed.  Continue to work and persist on it until you find yourself in that elusive state.  Once you find what works, continue to practice until it becomes natural.  As Always, Eat, Move, and Improve!

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