“Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.”   -Napoleon Hill


     FOMO: The Fear of Missing out.  At one time or another, we all experience it.  Everyone has a degree of feeling like they are not included. We all yearn to be accepted into a group.  We all yearn to be invited to the party.   I remember how I wanted to be a part of everything and never miss a special event.  I wanted to sample every food choice in sight.  I wanted to participate in every game.  I wanted to be a part of every conversation. I wanted to be the one making all the plans. I didn’t want to miss a birthday.  i didn’t want to miss a night out.  I didn’t want to miss a holiday.  I didn’t want to miss an episode of my favorite show. You get the picture.  At one point, I realized it was not beneficial to me. I would exhaust myself by trying to be a part every little thing. If I heard about an event that I was not a part of, I grew angry. I felt left out.  I took it personally.  Because of these feelings, I grew bitter.  I was seeking a quantity of experiences, but sometimes not quality ones.  It was time to change my focus.
      In life, we have to make choices.  In order to overcome our challenges and break our habits, we need to make sacrificial choices. Nothing is a priority if everything is a priority.   It is important to minimize/ limit anything that does not move you toward your main goals.  In order to make a weight change, this means sacrificing anything that moves you away from your weight goal.  Instead of following 6 TV shows at a time, DECIDE to sacrifice a few shows and exercise.  Instead of eating that nightly dessert, call a friend for some positive encouragement or as a distraction.  Instead of getting involved in everything, pick a few activities that you truly enjoy and focus on those.
     It’s ok not being involved in every little thing.  Life goes on if we miss an event or show.  Sacrifice takes work and concentration.  However, it makes us stronger because we trade instant happiness for lasting accomplishment.  Now, sacrificing every bad habit at once would be difficult, if not impossible.  Behavior change is most effective when focusing on a few changes at a time.  Choose some sacrifices that you feel confident you can make consistently. Once those sacrifices feel natural, take another look and see what else isn;t necessary.  Above all, Eat, Move and Improve!
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