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“The beauty of iron lies in its ability to adapt, its openness to quick change.  A good man is like iron”  -The Man with the Iron Fists 2
“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” -Tony Robbins
“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” –Jim Rohn
          I HATE it when people say they cannot change. Especially, when they are talking about others.  Who has the right to say how much potential someone else has to change something in their life?  This belief is so limiting!  Don’t get me wrong, I have many limiting beliefs on my own that I need to work on.  But seriously, “I cannot change?”  This is an excuse many people use to not even try.  They decide to lose before really putting in an honest effort.  “I cannot change. Therefore, I will not even give myself a chance.”
    Look around.  Everything in life is always changing!  The seasons change without fail.  The weather changes constantly.  The sun rises and sets each and every day!  People change all the time, too.  Babies grow.  Professionals change jobs.  Young people change their hair for God’s sake!  Many people see the concept of change as negative.  Changing from your present situation usually ends up with a negative outcome.  Staying the same is more safe.  You do not leave your comfort zone and no one gets hurt.
    It may seem like change is totally out of our control. Everything else changes besides us.  Our Facebook feed changes.  The stock market changes.  Construction occurs and buildings/neighborhoods change.  The products in the store change.    Other people change.  You get the picture.  However, our own individual change never happens.  Do you realize how silly that sounds?
   In fact, YOU CAN CHANGE!  The human spirit is powerful and capable of small and LARGE changes!  The most important thing to realize is that change can happen anytime and anywhere. Ever have an event occur and you decide to take on a new project, hobby, or go in a total direction altogether?  THAT’S change! There are many things you can change:
-your appearance
-your attitude
-your willingness to try to new things 
-your diet
-your exercise routine
-your doctor
         Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I;m sure you can think of many other possibilities of change in your life.  The first step is becoming aware that a change is required.  Then, choose one or a few strategies on how to go about making that change.   Finally, COMMIT to making the change.  Decide to stick with it through thick and thin. Remember, change can take time.  If radical change seems too much for you, start slow! Once you begin to get used to making changes in your life, you can take on more.   In time, your change will become a natural habit!  As Always, Eat, Move, and Improve!
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