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“Real lions love to hunt.  They love the process as much as they love their prize.  But all you want to do is score.  You don’t like the process.  You’re not in love with the process.  A real man, in the dark, when no one else is watching is putting in the work  You can be phenomenal like that too!”  -Eric Thomas

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen ” -Hebrews Chapter 11 Verse 1

“Trust in the process.  Your times is coming.  Just do the work and the results will handle themselves.”  -Tony Gaskins

“Faith is the AUDACITY to believe in the not yet seen.  Faith is taking th leap and knowing the net will appear.”  Jen Sincero, You are a Badass

I’m positive that you have seen those infomercials on TV.  “Try this new miracle pill only the rich and famous know!  Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks without diet OR exercise.  For only $19.99, you can experience this new medical breakthrough never available to the public before now!  This is a limited time offer, so order now!” So many products are sold on TV like that.What’s not to like?  It’s so welcoming.  It’s so inspiring, simple, and cost effective. Many people are thinking “  just need to use this product for only a short period of time AND lose all this weight I’ve been battling for years? Where do I sign up?” They throw money at these products hoping for the quick fix.  Unfortunately, these products DO NOT bring the lasting results so many people desire.  Most of the time, they are a scam to make as much money as they can in a short time.  They stay popular until people begin to catch on and then they disappear from existence.  Here are some ways to identify if these offers  are not authentic:
-it is a “medical breakthrough”.  Most medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other therapies take years to develop and there is news and updates following it for a while.
-Results are produced without diet or exercise.  All long term results are accomplished with this combination.  Without them, the results will only be temporary.
-One doctor highly recommends it.  Most of the time, preferred therapies and new treatments are recommended by a group, professional organization, or committee.
-Promises to make surprising results in a short period of time.  Our bodies are not designed to change their body weight very quickly. When body weight changes rapidly, something is usually very wrong medically and not moving in a positive direction.
-“These products not regulated by the FDA”.  Supplements and other products can be sold on the market without FDA approval.  While that may be ok, they are not required to accurately include the ingredients of the products.  Many weight loss supplements sold commercially are made with ingredients that harm the human body and can be dangerous. Many people do not know what they are putting in their bodies.  
What is more important is learning to love the process as much as the results.  It is imperative to learn the correct practices and have faith that the results will follow you once you follow the correct process.  Think about it.  A farmer does not have miracle beans to make his crops.  He can’s just plant and water his crops one day and expect a full harvest the next one.  The farmer has to cultivate his land, use the right soil, plant the crops, water, tend to, wait, and finally harvest the crops once they are grown.  Then, he has to sell his crops to make a profit!  Another example would be bakers.  Unfortunately, bread cannot be made by just adding water to dough and letting it rise.  A baker has to meticulously measure all the wet and dry ingredients, mix them accordingly, prepare, the dough, and bake it in the oven.  Not a one step process at all!  
Making a lasting change to your life is not a one step process either.  If it was, we would all be fit and healthy!!  Instead of focusing on instant results, focus on the process.  Focus your energy into choosing a plan, preparing all the required materials, and choosing to commit to the plan through thick and thin.  THAT is the difficult part.  Anything worthwhile takes hard work and commitment.  Belief and faith are essential to the process.  It is important to create an attitude of faith.  You have to believe that the results WILL COME to you as long as you stick to the plan OVER TIME.  Most of all, have fun!  No one said that lifestyle changes have to be difficult or boring.  Choose exercises you like to do.  Prepare healthy and delicious meals you like to eat.  AND, make them fun as you go! Listen to your favorite music.  Involve someone you love.  Check dates off on a calendar every time you stick to your plan.  Be creative!  The possibilities are endless.  As Always, Eat, Move, And Improve!
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