As Valentine’s Day 2018 approaches, I have been reflecting on my previous Valentine’s Day.  Considering I haven’t had a real Valentine around this time, this isn’t really my favorite holiday.  It always reminds me of the rejections and relationships that didn’t really pan out.
Last year was worse.  At the time, I was jobless and living at home.  I was job searching without much luck in finding the right position. I had taken a part time position at a bar and grill to stay busy.  My first workday was supposed to be Valentine’s Day.  To make matters worse, I got sick on my first day of work (eww).  I had to call in sick two days in a row!  Talk about making a terrible first impression!  Sufficed to say, I would happily forget that Valentine’s Day.
Fast forward to this year, my life is looking ALOT better.  I am working in a job where I am celebrated and respected by my peers and customers.  I have made progress in my hobbies and life goals.  I am beginning to create my happiness and separate myself from negativity.  I FINALLY moved out of my parents house.  And, I won an award at work recently.  LIFE IS GOOD.
Why do I share this?  Does it sound like a sob story to you?  I am sharing because IT GETS BETTER.  You may feel like your life is in shambles right now.  You may feel down on your luck.  You may want to quit.  But, life has an interesting way of CHANGING YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES.  It is key to believe that life offers infinite blessings and opportunities.  You have to believe that things will get better and take steps to MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Share your “Comeback” stories below.  I would love to hear about them!  As Always, Eat, Move, and Improve!

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