Dear Pork.
Why do they call you the “other white meat?” I mean, I understand how chicken is the main white meat. It’s the most popular after all. But, you’re not the only “White meat” out there. Turkey and fish can be white after all. Why the prejudice towards you?
Pork, it’s not fair. You don’t deserve that kind of name. You’re not an outsider. It’s almost racy.  After all, you can be a great option for most people. Like chicken, you are high in protein and are versatile meat. You can come baked, roasted, barbecued, and even grilled. You can be flavored with spices, dressings, and sauces. Take it from me. You’re great the way you are. Never change. Be loud and proud that you’re a great option!
Sincerely, you need a better nickname

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